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December 2018
London, UK

The 11th Annual Standards, Patents & Competition: Law & Litigation

Avoid costly mistakes by staying on top of the complex changes relating to standards, FRAND licensing, and the future of SEP in 5G & the IoT

Discover the latest on SEP, FRAND, and the future of patents from leading in-house authorities, top external counsel, IP management experts, and renowned judges

Thank you to all those who attended in 2017!

We're still putting the 2018 programme together - if you'd like to know as soon as it's ready then please register your interest by downloading last year's brochure.

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What was on at the Standards, Patents & Competition Law conference 2017?

A SatNav to the European Commission's SEP Roadmap

The European Commission's recent roadmap publication "Standard Essential Patents for a European Digitalised Economy" left many questions unanswered. With a consultation period of only four weeks, the commission's stance left many people wondering: if this is the roadmap, where's the SatNav? Our keynote address will be delivered by the European Commission specifically on this topic, clearing up many of the unanswered questions, tackling the topic of use-based pricing, and considering whether we'll be seeing an SEP directive in the future.

The Latest on FRAND from the EU Courts

Justice Birss' recent Unwired Planet decision is not only seminal, but thorough. Weighing in at 166 pages, it not only assessed whether offers are FRAND, but introduced a global royalty rate which will have repercussions across the world. Furthermore, within the remedies Justice Birss introduced FRAND Injunctions to the world. This session will focus on the UK High Court ruling, as well as key issues from other European jurisdictions, to form a practical guide to ensuring your SEP practices and FRAND litigation strategy is entirely compatible with recent rulings.

IoT Licensing Issues Every Tech-Enabled Company Faces

The Internet of Things has caused licensing and litigation in nearly every jurisdiction, across industries, involving companies of all sizes. A massive uptick in litigation across the automotive industry cannot be ignored. The explosion of small, innovative tech companies has changed the face of the consumer and business technology market. 5G will send much of what we know back to square one. In a unique panel, we will be bringing together IoT experts from across major verticals to discuss the issues affecting everyone in one of the world's busiest areas.

Arm Yourself for the Upcoming 5G Patent War

The LTE battleground is still a fresh wound for many. But the preparation for 5G litigation has already begun. Hear from Bowman Heiden, Deputy Director at the Centre for Intellectual Property, and Claudia Tapia, Director of IPR at Ericsson on best practices to ensure you have the correct patent coverage and the required litigation strategy. Learn about the latest movement within the patent pool, current thinking on how to prepare for litigation, and what some companies are doing in a bid to avoid the courts altogether. 

AI-Create Inventions: The Next Big Debate or a Load of Hot Air?

Can computers be a legal inventor and if not, can computer-created inventions be patented? This is the question surrounding the age of big data and real-time AI decision making. Join Dr. Alesch Staehelin of IBM and Prof. Ryan Abbott of the University of Surrey and recent author of the provocative "I Think, Therefore I Invent", to discuss the fast-approaching legal hurdle of the inventor status of AI. It will take you through the history of computer-created inventions and ask what governments and corporations should do to prepare for the Rise of the Machines.

Making Open Source Work for You and Your Patents

Tesla's decision to make their patents open source wasn't just a bold PR move, but a decision which had ramifications for the entire IPR team. Open source licensing has a unique set of challenges and difficulties for the IP manager, but also offers valuable lessons on how we treat innovation and capitalisation of innovation. Jeff Risher, Tesla's head of IP, and Jimmy Ahlberg, Ericsson's defensive IPR strategist, will lead the conversation and unearth the hidden downfalls, benefits, and difficulties relying on open source licensing creates.