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November 2019
London, UK

International Copyright Law Conference

The ultimate guide to the operation of copyright, both in law and practice, across the globe.

Keep pace with the biggest issues including the digital single market and the highly controversial Copyright Directive, text and data mining and copyright law under the Trump administration.

Thank you to all those who attended in 2018!

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Make yourself part of the conversation and join your peers in debating the consequences of the proposed EU legislation.

Will the new Copyright Directive tear the internet apart?

Following the European Commission’s proposed legislative shakeup that aims to achieve modern copyright rules fit for the digital age, the Directive on copyright law remains at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Although most of the Directive simply updates technical language for copyright law in the age of the internet, it includes the two highly controversial provisions, Article 11 and Article 13.

Don’t miss the opportunity to delve into the big issues such as the application of national copyright rules, where we are with the Directive and what areas remain controversial.

The hotly contested Article 13 & upload filters

Among the different provisions of the proposed Directive, Article 13 intends to tackle what Brussels defines as the value gap. Whilst the resolution of the value gap controversy is considered of the essence to a modern copyright legal framework, the instruments introduced by Article 13 have sparked a lively and yet-to-be-resolved debate amongst academics and legal practitioners.

The concerns about Article 13 are wide-ranging, encompassing factors including unease about the cost of compliance for smaller companies, and out-and-out censorship of the internet. 

The controversial Article 11 & the link tax

Although it has attracted less attention than the aforementioned Article 13, Article 11 has also raised eyebrows as news aggregators, social media and content sharing platforms, both big and small, face the possibility of having to pay licensing fees for its users sharing snippets of articles as well as links. 

While some believe this will force platforms to take more direct responsibility for policing uploaded content, others fear monopoly by media giants who can afford to put in place their own costly solutions, putting in jeopardy the freedom of content sharing on the internet. 

Why Attend the International Copyright Law conference?

1. Find out more on the copyright reform proposals and ongoing initiatives
2. Analyse the crucial issues relating to the enforcement of copyright law across the globe
3. Build a right balance between protecting producers' rights and guaranteeing access to consumers

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