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Main Conference: 14 & 15 February 2017
Workshops: 13 & 16 February 2017

Hilton Abu Dhabi,


This official FIDIC conference is the largest event for FIDIC contract users’ in the Middle East. Don’t miss the authorised guide to successfully using the FIDIC suite of contracts, managing major projects and resolving disputes in the region.

Exclusive previews for this year! The new 2017 Yellow Book Edition and Rainbow Suite amendments - learn directly from the FIDIC Contracts Committee and the FIDIC Updates Task Groups

New FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant & Design Build, 2017 Edition

Secure your authorised draft copy of the new Plant and Design-Build Contract ahead of publication

As you will already know the FIDIC 1999 Suite of Contracts (Red Book, Yellow Book and Silver Book) is currently being updated for publication in early 2017. FIDIC concentrated on updating the Yellow Book 1999 first, and has continued this work by adopting harmonised changes for the updates of the Red Book and Silver Book. By reference to the conference pre-publication draft of the FIDIC Yellow Book 2017 Edition members of the FIDIC Contracts Committee will unveil the main changes to Yellow Book 1999 and explain why these changes were decided by FIDIC to be an improvement to its design-build form of contract. This is no doubt a highly anticipated event for the global construction industry and we invite you to be there to witness it.

FIDIC Midle East Contract Users' Conference in Numbers

Users & Experts in Attendance
Authoritative & Inspiring Speakers
Days of Essential FIDIC Training & Networking

Just Some of the unmissable new content on this year's agenda:

FIDIC "Work in Progress" Update & New Yellow Book Unveiled

Get the inside scoop on all that is new in the FIDIC Rainbow Suite including details of the new Plant and Design-Build Contract, now fully updated by the FIDIC Contracts Committee and ready for publication in 2017 alongside revised editions of the Red and Silver Books. This will be the first opportunity for users to see members of the FIDIC Contracts Committee unveil the main changes to Yellow Book 1999 edition and explain why these changes were decided by FIDIC to be an improvement to its design-build form of contract.

New Case Studies of FIDIC Application Delivered by Middle East Experts

Experienced FIDIC Contract Users from the region will once again share lessons learnt in using FIDIC forms of contract to underpin some of the most challenging infrastructure projects in the Middle East. We have assembled a number of new case studies from different industries and countries to help bring the benefits to life and to help you understand the practical challenges of FIDIC application in practice. Projects under review to be announced soon. Watch this space for more information!

FIDIC's Official Guidance on Modifying FIDIC Conditions

This session will offer a first and exclusive insight into new FIDIC philosophy and official guidance on safely modifying FIDIC Conditions of Contract by maintaining the integrity of some of the "core" or Golden FIDIC Clauses in order to minimise disputes. The presenter will be drawn from the newly formed Task Group 15 on Golden Clauses whose remit it is to determine the limits of acceptable modification of clauses. Case studies on critical Do's and Dont's will be provided in the content of this session.

New FIDIC Contracts Due for Release & Updates You'll be Hearing About
  • The new Dredging & Reclamation Contract, know as the Blue Book is now finalised and the head of that task force will be at hand to brief you on all that is new
  • A new Renewables Contract is presently being developed by FIDIC and this will be your first opportunity to hear about the rationale for the project and some of the envisaged capabilities of the contract
  • The new Tunneling Contract is also finalised and you'll get to hear an exclusive update on this by the chairman of the task group in charge of the project.
Pre & Post-Conference Workshops on Key Areas of FIDIC
  • Our ever-popular Introduction to FIDIC workshop will now include coverage of the main changes in the 2017 Edition of the Rainbow Suite and compare and contrast with 1999 features
  • A new half-day post-conference workshop on dealing with modified contracts under the new guidance will be on offer to ensure full understanding of FIDIC's new approach
  • Our workshop on advanced dispute resolution strategies involves working through a new “mock dispute” that progresses through FIDIC’s dispute escalation provisions. 
New Networking & Interaction Opportunities
  • Meet like-minded FIDIC users at our new themed lunch tables to discuss common challenges in a number of key FIDIC areas of your choice
  • We'll be hosting two separate breakfast briefings, bringing together all of those users presently involved in or interested in learning more about the new Tunneling or Dredging & Reclamation Contracts
  • Delegates will benefit from a new event app through which you may submit questions to panelists and speakers as well as to message fellow users to facilitate contacts before, during and after the event


Don’t miss this opportunity to secure your authorised draft copy of the new FIDIC White Book for Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement.

The global nature of the construction industry and its exposure to global M&A activity means that more and more firms will be collaborating in the delivery of large scale projects, particularly in the Middle East. In this context, FIDIC’s Joint Venture and the JV Agreement for Consultants, as well as the Sub-Consultancy Agreement, will be of particular value. Don’t miss this opportunity to secure your draft copy of the new FIDIC White Book for Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement. FREE with all registrations in addition to the authorised Yellow Book (2017 Ed.) Draft!

The FIDIC Contract Users' Conference Series Experience

What to expect at one of our official FIDIC Contract users conferences

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